Inspiration for the name Renny Holladae came from his close friends, who knew him as ‘Mr. Holiday’, in reference to his street hustle and the affectionate inside joke that he lives life as if on a holiday. The unique spelling of ‘Holladae’ is derived from the "Holla! holla at your boy" chant and ‘Dae’, taken from ‘ice cream sundae’. ”I feel my voice is a treat for the ladies ears." Holladae says with a coy smile.

After a fifteen year tenure as a rap artist, it was a challenge for him to get R&B production - at first. Knowing that he wanted his music done his way, coupled with a determination to be heard by the masses, Renny remained focused and his in resolve. Holladae released an independent mix tape-style CD entitled ‘The Ghetto Songbird’ and sold over 2,000 copies during the summer of 2006.

‘The Ghetto Songbird’ CD showcased his unique voice, establishing him as a true R&B artist and once again, the doors of opportunity opened. The song ‘Do U Know The Ghetto’ was chosen from the CD to be a part of Global TV’s ‘Shattered Dreams’. Renny was officially back on the map and on his way to realizing his dream. From there, Gemz, a fellow artist asked Holladae if he both could write and sing the hook for what quickly turned out to be the hugely popular single ‘Can’t Hold Me Back’ that found its way onto Flow 93.5’s regular rotation. Next up for Renny was supposed to be his anticipated single ‘Dangerous’ featuring Gemz, but in a twist of fate, R.H. instead found himself fighting for his life after sustaining critical injuries as a result of a freak accident.

Renny's signature sound has found quite a few artists interested in collaborating with him. Three of his singles were showcased on WBLK radio out of Buffalo, NY. which quickly rose to top 5 on the station’s Unsigned Hype Countdown, with ‘I See You Hatin’ by King Avalanche feat. R.H. reaching the coveted number one position for seven weeks straight. Renny's first single ‘Shake Dat’, produced by Boi-1-da, held the number two position on the same countdown. His presence on the countdown helped build a buzz south of the border and it didn’t take long for him to get the reputation as the unsigned R&B go-to man for hooks.

Shortly thereafter, he received a nomination for best new R&B artist in Toronto at the WBLK Awards in Buffalo.

Riding the wave of successes, R.H. is currently back in the studios working on what he describes as "The best music I have ever worked on." This includes his debut album, ‘Holladae Season’, which expands on the versatility and clever lyricism that has long been a Renny trademark.

Renny Holladae

A steady roster of collaborations with various artists will result in fresh exciting new music and, of course, Renny will periodically be dropping his signature mix tape-style cd’s and singles.

So sit back, close your eyes and listen to what Renny Holladae has to offer - You will be amazed!

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